Recommended Lijiang hotels

Just 4 km North of Lijang is the old town of Shuhe, situated amid bubbling springs with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain providing a dramatic backdrop. Known traditionally as ‘the Dragon Spring Village’, the name Shuhe comes from the local Naxi language meaning “Foot of the Peak”. With it’s quiet cobbled lanes and clear streams, Shuhe is a charming alternative to the throngs of tourists who have overrun Lijiang, while still just a short drive from the sprawling UNESCO World Heritage Old Town. Shuhe’s communal gardens, bridges and traditional local lifestyle offers a more intimate and peaceful version of Lijiang Old Town. While much of Shuhe has essentially been knocked down and rebuilt by the Dingye Liquor company who bought most of the land in the town, there are interesting authentic attractions, with local Naxi people still living in the village.

The Ming Dynasty era Qinglong Bridge is one of the most scenic spots in the town, with views of the forested hills and surrounding gardens. The town also features numerous handicraft shops, a world-class historical museum housed in an immense courtyard complex which recounts Shuhe’s centuries old legacy as a center of boot making and leather craft.

There are three of our recommended Lijiang hotels in Shuhe and one in Lijiang Old Town, and we are happy to assist with booking and travel should our guests choose to stay with them.

Le Bivou 佖屋 – one of the few outstanding design hotels in China, Le Bivou offers a boutique luxury experience in an elegant and private, yet rustic setting.

Zen Garden 瑞河源 – an exceptional courtyard hotel on Lion Hill overlooking Lijiang Old town, the property is the concept of Lijiang native He Yu Mei and is a beautifully designed maze of pools and rockeries perched on the hillside, with stunning antiques furnishings throughout.

Arro Khampa 阿诺康巴 – a newly built courtyard guesthouse in the style of a Tibetan family compound, Arro Khampa opened in June this year and does not have a fully functional website, so we offer a photo gallery of the Lijang hotel property below.