Shaxi horse trek to Shibaoshan

Shaxi horse trek to Shibaoshan from Pear Orchard Temple - Yunnan China

Follow the ancient trail to Shibaoshan from the Pear Orchard Temple

Just behind the Pear Orchard Temple 慈荫庵 is winding path that heads in to the pine forested hills. This ancient trail is the original route from Diantou Village, the first village established in ancient Shaxi, to the Shibaoshan Grottoes 石钟寺石窟and temple complex. The trail has an advantage over driving on the main road to Shibaoshan, as it is much more direct and a scenic way to explore the countryside. The Pear Orchard Temple is the first established organization to offer Shaxi horse trek excursions and the only licensed and insured entity in Shaxi currently providing this service.

Shaxi Horse Trekking Centre™ is organized and run from the Shaxi Visitor’s Centre at the Pear Orchard Temple by Dali Ginkgo Travel Services Co. Ltd. (Ginkgo Society) for the purpose of taking guests on horseback to sites around Shaxi. These include Shibaoshan, Shaxi local village tours, Mapingguan and Shilong Village. As part of our sustainable tourism initiative, the Ginkgo Society has established the Shaxi horse trek business as a way to encourage local participation in the growing tourism economy and provide direct benefits to the local horse owners. Here is a summary of our sustainable operating principles:

Shaxi horse trek development is a natural fit for Shaxi’s sustainable tourism growth, drawing on the historical theme of horse travel and traditional culture. It will open Shaxi’s villages to healthy development for tourism and attract many thousands of visitors each year.

  1. Operated by a registered legal company that is licensed to do business in Shaxi under a business scope that must include ‘tourism services’.
  1. A fair and consistent posted price that will remain valid for each year of operation.
  1. A documented professional management system that includes training for all horse guides on safety, customer service, basic English and hygiene.
  1. Insurance for each rider included in ticket price and liability insurance for a minimum RMB one million held by the company.
  1. Humane treatment of all animals including appropriate on-site accommodation subject to govt. inspection
  1. All taxes and fees paid to local government monthly.
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