Shaxi weather

Himalayan monsoon seasons affect Shaxi weather

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Average Annual Data for Shaxi Weather, Yunnan China

What’s the best time to travel to Shaxi Yunnan? Here are some climate facts:


  • On average, daytime temperatures are in the 15-16 degree Celsius range
  • Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in May, June, July, August, and September.
  • Shaxi Yunnan has dry periods in January, February, March and December.
  • On average, the warmest month is April.
  • On average, the coldest month is December.
  • August is the wettest month.
  • February is the driest month.
Shaxi weather annual temerature data
Shaxi weather annual rainfall data

Some tips to prepare travelers for Shaxi weather

As Shaxi has an elevation of over 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) and is affected by monsoonal systems from the Himalayas, the climate characteristics warrant certain preparations for travelers. The first consideration is UV protection. With many sunny days throughout the year, Shaxi benefits from a more temperate climate than Lijiang to the North. Being in a valley it is also protected from much severe weather, but even with cool air temperatures in Winter, the sun is incredibly strong at this altitude. Thus it is essential to have quality sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat when exposed on hikes or biking.

Clothing and preparation

Shaxi weather also experiences extreme temperature swings in Spring and late Fall, with temperatures near zero Celsius at night and in the mid to upper twenties during the day. Thus smart layering is something that every traveler should consider; light jackets over fleece or sweaters with a base layer. The wind can come up suddenly here, and just as easily the sun can disappear as rain comes in and drop the air temperature 10 degrees in less than an hour. These Himalayan weather systems are unpredictable and can be extreme, bringing hail with violent thunderstorms out of the blue sky. So an ultralight waterproof jacket is a very convenient article of clothing, as is a good sun hat.

For hiking around Shaxi, many of the trails are rocky or muddy and steep. Quality hiking shoes are a must, or at least trail running shoes that offer more protection than ordinary trainers. Quick dry hiking pants also offer better protection from prickly scrub on local trails than shorts. When going out for more than an hour, always carry plenty of water, even if the weather is cool starting out, as the sun can suddenly appear and drive temperatures up. It’s best to consult with Old Theatre Inn staff on appropriate preparations for a day out as they know the weather patterns well.

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