Shaxi Friday Market – a glimpse into the ancient past

Since the days of the teahorse caravans, the Shaxi Friday market has been an important trading and supply for the people of Shaxi. It is still the only day when many kids of produce are available, and villagers still mostly walk to and from the Friday market with a basket on their back. Guest of Shaxi Old Theatre Inn can accompany Mrs. Duan and Shi Xiang or San Mei, the ladies of the Inn who are responsible for purchasing food and cooking for our guests. Much of the Inn’s produce comes from local farmer’s fields, including those belonging to our staff’s families and their friends and neighbors. However certain items can only be purchased on Fridays at the market such as fruit, meat, and fresh mushrooms. While there is a supermarket in Shaxi, fresh produce is not available there.

Two Bai women resting at Shaxi Friday Market - Shaxi Yunnan China

On the side of the street you will see dentists practicing, Yi and Lisu women in beautiful traditional dress and blaring music from CD sales people who walk along with a portable player.  It is the best day to sample all kinds of exotic produce brought by tribes in the surrounding mountains.

Exclusively for sale in the Shaxi Friday Market:

  • Fruits from around Jianchuan County as well as imports
  • Meat, poultry and fish
  • Chinese medicines and herbs
  • Mushrooms and other kinds of wild foraged fungi
  • Music, movies and children’s games
  • Bonsai and flowers

There are also many kinds of street food such as:

  • Cold noodles and liangfen
  • Deep fried sausage
  • Home made sweets

Please note that it take 20 minutes by bicycle from Old Theatre Inn to Friday Market and by 2:00 pm the maket will be closed. We recommend that guests plan to arrive at the market by 10:00 am. It is worth it to spend at least an hour walking around on market days. We recommend our local guide, Apple, to take you on a tour of the market as she is a native Bai woman who can help interpret everything you experience at Shaxi Friday Market.

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Shaxi Friday market is a must see for visitors to Shaxi Yunnan China

Shaxi Friday market is the only day when fruit is for sale in Shaxi Valley


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