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Hotels in Shaxi Old Town

Shaxi Old Theatre Inn is the #1 rated hotel on TripAdvisor for Jianchuan County for the 7th year in a row. But there are other hotels we recommend, located in Shaxi Old Town for those who don’t mind a more touristy Chinese style accommodation.

Some other recommended Shaxi hotels include:

  • Horsepen 46 – a popular youth hostel and part of the International Youth Hostel association. Justnext to the opera stage in Si Deng Square.
  • Tea and Horse Caravan Inn – simple rooms in a courtyard arrangement, close to Old Town. A step above backpacker accommodation.
  • Laomadian – nice location off the market street, good dessert in their restaurant.
  • 58 Yard – a favorite for young Chinese travelers, limited choices, very basic hostel rooms.
  • Cato’s Inn – another town inn popular with young Chinese backpackers and students.
  • Landscape Hotel – opened in late-2016, this Chinese-owned chain hotel is popular with China’s new rich and their families.

For those interested in knowing more about availability in some other Shaxi hotels, Old Theatre Inn is happy to make inquiries on your behalf. We never charge any commission for our travel assistance services.

For more information on these Shaxi hotels, you can check out the Shaxi China website, hosted by the Shaxi Visitor’s Centre.

Sideng Square - Shaxi Yunnan China
View of the theatre temple at Sideng Square – Shaxi Yunnan China