Breakfast at the Old Theatre Inn Shaxi restaurant the Dancing Mule Cafe

A German couple enjoying breakfast on the terrace – Old Theatre Inn – Shaxi China

The Dancing Mule – our charming Shaxi restaurant

Welcome to the Dancing Mule Cafe. where you can enjoy home cooked meals by our local village ladies and sample a great selection of wines.

Our menu is simple and limited but all ingredients are fresh from the field and cooked to order. We offer a range of vegetarian dishes as well. Our Chef, Mrs. Duan has run our Shaxi restaurant for 5 years and is famous for her local Bai cooking style, using fresh ingredients from her family’s nearby fields.

As with our guestrooms, we strongly recommend reservations, especially for walk-in meals, as we can get very busy during the planing and harvest seasons when staff take time off to work their fields. Our kitchen is open for breakfast from 7am and last orders are 8pm. Our menu varies by season depending on what is fresh so we don’t guarantee availability for every dish.

If there is something you would particularly like to try during your visit our our charming Shaxi restaurant, please let us know in advance so we can do our best to make it available for you.

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Recommended: Pear Blossom Organic

Unique among Shaxi restaurants is this local vegetarian-friendly dining option, located insider the Pear Orchard Temple (慈荫庵) in Diantou Village. Located on the 2nd floor of the temple courtyard, the Pear Blossom Organic features fresh seasonal fare from local farmers. Specialties include a mushroom medley, fresh fried goat cheese, homemade pizza, and spicy shoestring potatoes.

The chef, Mrs. Yang Yu Ju is also head of the Diantou Village Dance Troupe and can organize performances for our guests. The temple also features beautiful shrines which are open to the public, and an upper dining terrace, with views of the Shaxi Valley. A must experience for foodies traveling to Shaxi.

Lunch at Shaxi Pear Orchard Temple organic restaurant - Yunnan China


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