Shaxi Valley points of interest

This Shaxi Yunnan map, courtesy of Old Theatre Inn, was designed as an overlay of Google Earth, as there are very few quality maps of Shaxi. It is a scale image of the Shaxi Valley including surrounding hills and the Heihui River running from North to South through the valley.

You can download the original JPG of this Shaxi Yunnan map here.

Shaxi Map on Google MyMaps

If you have access to Google, we have a custom MyMaps version of Shaxi with detailed hiking and other routes.


General Map of Shaxi Yunnan

This map below of Shaxi Yunnan is provided as a general overview of Shaxi Valley and for more a complete map of Shaxi please visit Old Theatre Inn or the Shaxi Visitor’s Centre at the Pear Orchard Temple in Diantou Village Shaxi. Here you will also find trail maps, low carbon tourism maps and other guidance for navigating Shaxi Valley and the surrounding area.

Shaxi Yunnan map with points of interest from Old Theatre Inn

Shaxi Yunnan map with points of interest courtesy of Old Theatre Inn

Click here to download the Shaxi map

 Map of Shaxi Yunnan featuring the Pear Orchard Temple

Map of Shaxi Yunnan China download


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