Map of Shaxi Yunnan

Download this custom map of Shaxi by clicking on the image below

Map of Shaxi Yunnan China by Old Theatre Inn - always updated

Designed by Old Theatre Inn on Google MyMaps, this map of Shaxi includes hiking and biking trails, with top eating and drinking establishments, temples and other points of interest in the Shaxi Valley. We are continuously updating the map so that it will always reflect the most recent new businesses or trails open to the public.

We offer some additional overlay maps on our Map of Shaxi page here. Some points of interest are:

  • Biking trail from Silian Cun (Duan Village & Old Theatre Inn) along the river to the East Gate of Shaxi Old Town
  • Walking trail from Old Theatre Inn through the fields to the Pear Orchard Temple
  • Mountain hiking trail from Pear Orchard Temple to Shizhong Temple Gottoes
  • Mountain hiking trail from Shaxi to Mapingguan
  • Baoxiang Temple
  • The Hai Yun Ju nunnery at Shibaoshan
  • Sideng Square
  • Shaxi Friday Market
  • Shadengqing ancient road and shrines
  • Recommended restaurants and shops in Shaxi old town

From Jianchuan to Shaxi

Minibuses run from Jianchuan passenger bus terminal to Shaxi bus station about every 20 minutes or whenever the bus is full. The cost is 10 yuan per person and the ride takes approximately 45 minutes. For those wishing to disembark at the Pear Orchard Temple/Shaxi Visitor’s Centre, the stop is immediately past the village sign for Diantou 甸头. For those traveling directly to Old Theatre Inn, past Diantou Village there is a sign for Silian Village 四联村. Disembark at this country road entrance and walk 1km to Old Theatre Inn, crossing a bridge at the Heihui River. If guests have heavy bags, Old Theatre Inn can arrange pickup by car at Pear Orchard Temple.

Please contact us if you wish to add some relevant information to our Map of Shaxi or notify us of any incorrect information.