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Shaxi accommodation at Old Theatre Inn - Shaxi Yunnan China

Rebuilding Old Theatre Inn – the finest in Shaxi accommodation

Built in 1782, the building that currently serves as our guestroom quarters were originally designed as classrooms for the Duan village temple school. We have just finished a major interior restoration that makes the Old Theatre the most comfortable of Shaxi hotels. The previously thin wooden interior walls have been replaced with brick, rice husk plaster and stone wainscoting. This will retain the authentic look of the walls while adding two very important features of sound isolation between the rooms and passive heat in winter.

These improvements are unique among Shaxi accommodation, as all other guesthouses must manage with un-insulated wooden walls. As we are a private courtyard with limited access and a night watchman on duty, we also suggest that guests sleep with the guestroom door open in fair weather, to allow for more fresh air in the room. With cool evenings even in Summer, the magnetic-closing screen door keeps out bugs and makes for very comfortable sleep. Old Theatre Inn rooms are  and all feature large and bright en suite bathrooms. We have five guest rooms in total and of these, two have twin beds while the rest have full size beds for two adults. With advance notice, our twin rooms can be re-configured to create a super king room with one oversize bed.

Stayed here for four nights and couldn’t imagine a more charming place. Modern rooms that maintain a rustic feel, good food and fantastic views. — P. Scally, Kunming

 Guestroom artwork - Old Theatre Inn Shaxi accommodation

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