Shaxi photos and tours

Start your Shaxi photo tour from the Old Theatre Inn where our English speaking Bai guide, Apple, can show you some of the best place for Shaxi photos.

Shaxi is a photographer’s paradise, with quiet village back streets, unique architectural heritage and cultural landmarks such as Sideng Square, Xingjiao Temple and the Shibaoshan grottoes. In addition, Apple knows many special trails that are only traveled by local farmers that will allow you to capture some of the best Shaxi photos.

For more information about Shaxi photo tours, please contact us here or visit us at Old Theatre Inn. The Shaxi Visitor’s Centre can also help put you in touch with our guide Apple. You can read her bio here.

You can also view some amazing Shaxi photos at the Shaxi Visitor’s Centre gallery with exhibitions from Jeff Fuchs, Michael Freeman, Yareth Jensen and other well-known tea horse road explorers.


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